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Lisa Su
> Introduction to Lisa Su

 What is Lisa Su best known for in her professional career?

 How did Lisa Su's upbringing influence her career path?

 What are some notable achievements of Lisa Su in the field of technology?

 How did Lisa Su's educational background contribute to her success?

 What led Lisa Su to become the CEO of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)?

 How has Lisa Su transformed AMD since taking over as CEO?

 What challenges did Lisa Su face during her tenure at AMD?

 How has Lisa Su's leadership style impacted the culture at AMD?

 What initiatives has Lisa Su implemented to drive innovation at AMD?

 How has Lisa Su's leadership influenced the financial performance of AMD?

 What is Lisa Su's vision for the future of AMD?

 How has Lisa Su's presence in the male-dominated tech industry inspired others?

 What recognition and awards has Lisa Su received for her contributions to technology?

 How does Lisa Su balance her personal and professional life?

 What philanthropic endeavors is Lisa Su involved in outside of her role at AMD?

 How does Lisa Su approach diversity and inclusion within the tech industry?

 What advice does Lisa Su have for aspiring leaders in the technology sector?

 How has Lisa Su's background in engineering shaped her approach to problem-solving?

 What partnerships and collaborations has Lisa Su fostered during her career?

 How does Lisa Su stay ahead of technological advancements and industry trends?

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