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Larry Ellison
> Founding of Oracle Corporation

 What were the key factors that led Larry Ellison to establish Oracle Corporation?

 How did Larry Ellison's previous experiences and background contribute to the founding of Oracle Corporation?

 What was the initial vision or mission statement of Oracle Corporation when it was founded?

 How did Larry Ellison's partnership with Bob Miner and Ed Oates shape the early days of Oracle Corporation?

 What were the main challenges and obstacles faced by Larry Ellison during the establishment of Oracle Corporation?

 How did Larry Ellison secure the initial funding and resources necessary to start Oracle Corporation?

 What were the unique features or innovations introduced by Oracle Corporation in its early years?

 How did Larry Ellison's leadership style influence the culture and growth of Oracle Corporation?

 What were the first products or services offered by Oracle Corporation, and how did they evolve over time?

 How did Oracle Corporation differentiate itself from other competitors in the market during its early stages?

 What were the major milestones or achievements of Oracle Corporation in its first few years of operation?

 How did Larry Ellison's strategic decisions impact the growth and success of Oracle Corporation?

 What were the key partnerships or collaborations that played a significant role in Oracle Corporation's early success?

 How did Oracle Corporation adapt to changes in the technology landscape during its founding years?

 What were the initial target markets or industries that Oracle Corporation focused on, and why?

 How did Larry Ellison's entrepreneurial mindset contribute to the establishment and growth of Oracle Corporation?

 What role did marketing and sales strategies play in the early success of Oracle Corporation?

 How did Larry Ellison build a talented team and foster innovation within Oracle Corporation?

 What were the core values and principles that guided Oracle Corporation during its founding phase?

 How did Larry Ellison position himself as a thought leader and influencer within the technology industry through Oracle Corporation?

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