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Larry Ellison
> Early Life and Education

 Where and when was Larry Ellison born?

 What were Larry Ellison's parents' names?

 How did Larry Ellison's upbringing influence his later life?

 What was Larry Ellison's childhood like?

 Did Larry Ellison have any siblings?

 What schools did Larry Ellison attend during his early education?

 Did Larry Ellison excel academically during his early years?

 Were there any significant events or experiences that shaped Larry Ellison's early life?

 What were Larry Ellison's interests and hobbies as a child?

 Did Larry Ellison show any signs of his future entrepreneurial spirit during his early years?

 How did Larry Ellison's family background impact his educational choices?

 What motivated Larry Ellison to pursue higher education?

 Did Larry Ellison face any challenges or obstacles during his early education?

 Were there any influential teachers or mentors in Larry Ellison's life during his early years?

 Did Larry Ellison engage in any extracurricular activities or clubs while in school?

 How did Larry Ellison's educational experiences contribute to his personal and professional growth?

 Did Larry Ellison graduate from high school? If so, what were his accomplishments during this time?

 Did Larry Ellison attend college or university? If yes, where and what did he study?

 Were there any significant events or achievements during Larry Ellison's college years?

 How did Larry Ellison's educational background prepare him for his future career?

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