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John Bogle
> The Continued Relevance of Bogle's Ideas in Modern Investing

 How have John Bogle's ideas influenced the modern investment landscape?

 What are some key principles from John Bogle's investment philosophy that remain relevant today?

 How has Bogle's concept of low-cost index funds revolutionized the investment industry?

 In what ways has Bogle's emphasis on long-term investing impacted modern investment strategies?

 How does Bogle's belief in the importance of diversification continue to shape investment practices?

 What are the main criticisms against Bogle's ideas, and how have they been addressed in modern investing?

 How has Bogle's advocacy for passive investing changed the perception of active management in the investment world?

 What role does Bogle's concept of "common sense" play in modern investment decision-making?

 How has Bogle's emphasis on minimizing costs influenced the development of new investment products and services?

 What are some examples of successful investors who have adopted Bogle's principles in their strategies?

 How has Bogle's approach to risk management influenced modern portfolio construction techniques?

 What impact has Bogle had on the democratization of investing and access to financial markets?

 How do Bogle's ideas align with the growing trend of sustainable and socially responsible investing?

 What lessons can investors learn from Bogle's unwavering commitment to investor advocacy?

 How has Bogle's legacy shaped the way investors think about market efficiency and active versus passive investing?

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