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Amancio Ortega
> Founding of Zara

 How did Amancio Ortega come up with the idea for Zara?

 What were the initial challenges faced by Amancio Ortega in establishing Zara?

 How did Amancio Ortega secure the necessary funding to start Zara?

 What strategies did Amancio Ortega employ to differentiate Zara from other fashion retailers?

 How did Amancio Ortega build a strong supply chain for Zara?

 What role did technology play in the founding of Zara?

 How did Amancio Ortega attract and retain talented individuals to work for Zara?

 What were the key milestones in the early years of Zara's existence?

 How did Zara's business model disrupt the traditional fashion industry?

 What were the unique aspects of Zara's approach to design and production?

 How did Zara manage to maintain a fast turnaround time for its products?

 What marketing strategies did Amancio Ortega employ to promote Zara?

 How did Zara expand its operations beyond Spain?

 What were the major challenges faced by Zara during its initial expansion phase?

 How did Zara adapt to changing consumer trends and preferences?

 What impact did Zara have on the global fashion industry?

 How did Zara's success influence Amancio Ortega's personal wealth and reputation?

 What were some of the key lessons learned from the founding of Zara?

 How did Zara's success inspire other fashion retailers to adopt similar strategies?

 What is the legacy of Zara in the fashion industry?

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