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Jittery guide: topic editing

How do I start a new topic?

Click on the navigation menu in the top right of the site (on both desktop and mobile), then click on "Start a Topic". That will take you to the topic creation page, which has one text entry box for the title of the topic that you want to create.

As you type in the topic title it will let you know if that topic is available. If a topic is unavailable, in most cases that means either that another editor is actively working on a draft for the topic, or it has already been created and published live.

Is there a limit to how many topic drafts I can create?

New editors (E1 rank) can have up to three active topic drafts at the same time. If you decide you don't want to proceed with a topic draft, you can close it and work on another topic instead.

There is no limit to how many topic drafts you can create, fill out with content and publish live.

How can I view the topic draft as it will look on the site once it is published?

There is a preview version of the topic draft that you can look at anytime as you work on your draft. When you're on a topic draft page, the first navigation button under the topic title is "Preview" - click on that. It will show you with close approximation what your draft will look like when published live to Jittery, including formatting any included references or internal links.

How can I change the sort order for the questions & answers of a topic?

When you're editing a topic draft, there is a navigation button for "Sort" just below the topic title - click on that. To move a Q&A around, click (or touch) & hold on the four sided arrow icon to the left of each Q&A item. The Q&A should highlight as you try to move it, you can then drag it up or down to reorder its positioning.

When you're done changing the sort order to your liking, at the bottom of the page there is a "Save Draft Sort" button, which saves the new ordering. If you don't like the changes you made, you can click the "Cancel" button at the bottom of the page and it will revert to the last sort order that you saved.

A similar approach is used when proposing a new sort order for a live topic. If you click on the "Edit" navigation button on a live topic, and then "Sort" under that, you can propose a new sort order for a live topic.

Can I edit topic drafts that belong to other editors?

No. While a topic is in draft mode it can only be edited by the draft owner (the editor that started the topic draft).

Is there a time limit to editing a topic draft?

Currently there are no time restrictions for topic drafts. Within reason you may take as much time as needed to complete a draft. In the future we will change that policy such that topics in draft mode are released if they have not been worked on for a long period of time. That would be to prevent topic squatting and cases where an editor is absent indefinitely.

When my topic is complete, how do I publish it?

On the topic preview page, near the top (next to the "Contents" jump link), is a link to "Topic Controls". Alternatively you can get there under the topic activity tab -> topic controls.

One of the topic controls is: "Submit topic draft for approval".

How does a topic draft get approved?

Other editors vouch for your topic draft, verifying its quality. Once the draft receives enough vouch points, it goes live. At that point it switches from being a topic draft to being a live topic.

Once your topic draft is live, you no longer have sole control over the topic. Other editors can then contribute to the topic and propose changes. The originating editor of a topic retains amplified influence over a topic and is granted a higher level of control over the topic as compared to other editors (note: that role can be revoked in some circumstances).

How many Q&As can a topic have?

The current limit is 400 questions and answers for a topic.

How many references can a Q&A have?

Each question & answer pair can have up to three supporting references associated with it.

Are supporting references required for Q&As?

Every question & answer pair should have at least one strong, high-quality supporting reference.

How do I add supporting references to a Q&A?

After adding Q&As to a topic draft, you will see a section below each Q&A: "References (edit)". If you click on the linked edit text, it will show three pairs of reference text & reference link text input boxes. The text you want to display for a reference goes in the left box and the link (if any) for that reference text goes in the paired right box.

You dictate which part of the reference text is linked in display, by using two left and right curly (squiggly) brackets.

If you have this reference:

"{{SpaceX's Redmond effort 'very speculative'}}". Seattle Times. November 7, 2015.

And this link to go with it:


The left and right curly brackets tell Jittery to apply the link to the surrounded text when it gets displayed.

Links are not required for all references. You can leave the link box empty if there is no associated link.

Is there a minimum number of Q&As required to publish a topic draft?

Topic drafts must have at least ten Q&As before they can be proposed to go live.

We will reassess this limit as time goes on. If there is a good argument for increasing or decreasing it, we will take a look at doing that.

Do topic Q&As have to be in English?

Yes, currently Jittery is English-only. Topic titles and topic Q&As should be in English. We will look into expanding the language options if there is enough demand for it.

Can I propose a new Q&A for an existing live topic?

Yes you can. Click on the "Edit" navigation button under the topic title, then click on "New Q&A" next. Remember to supply at least one supporting reference.

The exceptions to this, are if your account has been penalized to an E0 rank, which revokes everything but read privileges on the site; or, if the topic has had its permissions changed to restrict who can contribute to the topic (this may occur in cases of graffiti / abuse for example).

Is it possible to improve an existing Q&A?

Yes. Click on the "Edit" navigation button for a live topic, then scroll down to the Q&A that you want to improve. You'll see a linked text options under the Q&A that says "Improve" - click on that.

The Q&A improve feature works similar to adding a new Q&A, except of course that it replaces the existing Q&A. It has to be vouched for and be sure to include at least one supporting reference.

Can I dispute an existing Q&A?

Not yet. However it is a planned feature. We're still deciding on the mechanism for that and how it'll impact the Q&A.

Can a Q&A contain HTML or scripting?

No HTML, JavaScript, CSS or other scripting or tags are allowed in the question or answer text. Only plain text in other words, with the exceptions that the answer can contain special structured internal links to other Jittery topic pages, a limited number of interpreted data objects and italic formatting.

If we add more formatting options in the future we'll update this answer.

Are links allowed in Q&As?

No external links (to other sites) are possible within the text of a question or answer. For the answer text, internal links that point to other Jittery topic pages are allowed.

External links are possible in the references section in support of an answer.

How do I add an internal link in the answer text?

To link to another Jittery topic page from within the answer text, you use the following format:

{{Apple iPhone}}

Two left curly (squiggly) brackets, the topic title, then two right curly brackets.

That would then create a link to "jittery.com/Apple-iPhone".

To create a custom named link, you can use this format:

{{iPhone||Apple iPhone}}

The text to the left of the two vertical bars is what gets displayed. The text to the right of the two bars is where you're linking to. So that example would show "iPhone" on the page, and would link to "jittery.com/Apple-iPhone".

How does italic formatting work?

While editing the answer part of a Q&A, if you surround the text you want to make italic with two asterisks (stars) like this: **italic text** - that will cause "italic text" to become italic.

For example: this text is italic.

Can images be added to a Q&A?

Jittery doesn't currently allow images, video or audio to be added to topic pages (including Q&As).

Is it possible to revert a topic to a prior version?

Yes, that is possible for live topics (not for topic drafts, which have no versioning).

All live topics have versions that increment with major changes. You can see all the past versions of a topic by clicking on the "Activity" tab for a topic, and then the "Version History" link at the top of that page. In most cases you can always view the associated content proposal that led to the new topic version.

Keep in mind that reverting does not overwrite or erase past versions. The process of reverting to a former version, creates a new and separate version and increments the version number, leaving all prior versions of the topic intact in the version history. That makes it possible to always roll back to any version.

What actions prompt a new topic version to be created?

The following actions create a new topic version:

- A new topic sort order.
- A new Q&A is added to a topic.
- A Q&A improvement replaces an existing Q&A.
- If the topic is reverted to a prior version.
- If an existing Q&A is removed by moderation.

How long can a Q&A be?

The question text for a Q&A can be up to 100 characters long and must be at least 10 characters.

The answer text for a Q&A can be up to 800 characters long and must be at least 20 characters.

The 800 character limit is meant to encourage conciseness over unnecessary answer expansion. Answers will tend to expand to fill the limit. The 20 character minimum is more of a practical base restriction, answers that are that short in most cases won't be allowed on the site.

Is it possible to manually refresh a live topic page?

Yes. If a live topic page on jittery.com is not displaying the latest version of a topic, you can manually refresh the live page. Under the topic activity tab, click on topic controls, on that page click on the control for "Refresh the topic cache".

Please keep in mind that the live topic page on jittery.com typically updates within minutes after any changes to the topic. If the live version of the topic has not yet updated after an edit has occurred, give it a few minutes.

An editor must be at least an E2 or the creator of the topic to manually update the live page using this topic control.

What are interpreted data objects?

Interpreted data objects automate some basic tasks in answer text, so editors don't need to do as much work or update an answer to change data contained in the answer.

An example is a time since a date calculation. Let's say you have a topic about Brad Pitt and you want to write that he is 57 years old. The problem with that answer, is of course that Pitt will continue to age and that simple answer will need to be updated every year. Spread across many topics, that becomes an annoying minutia task that can be automated away fairly easily - so we did exactly that. The age of Pitt referenced previously for example, automatically updates.

Jittery will deploy interpreted data objects as we find high impact ways to automate away trivial tasks for editors.

What interpreted data objects are currently available?

For now we enable one interpreted data object, for calculating the number of years from a date in the past. We're starting with this because it's a common task to list the age of a person or thing, or the number of years since an event in the past.

To make use of this data object, for example when displaying a person's age, use this format:

Denzel Washington is [[ys||19541228]] years old. It will automatically fill in the number 66.

Two left square brackets, the letters "ys" (which stands for years since), two vertical pipes, then the date you want to calculate from, in this format: year month day, 1994 02 24 (it should all be together, no spaces). You must use four digits for the year, two digits for the month, and two digits for the day. So if you want to use the year 60 AD, represent it as "0060". We don't process dates older than 0001 AD for the sake of simplicity.
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