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Jittery guide: etiquette

Do I have to be nice to other editors?

You have to be respectful and should try to be helpful. Neutral is a fine disposition toward other editors. You may not be unkind, frequently rude, abusive, insulting, mean, etc. That type of behavior won't be tolerated, it will cause your account to eventually be banned. Don't do it. We understand mistakes happen, people have bad days or otherwise react in the moment in a way that they later regret.

Seek to build a better community.

Some things not allowed by editors: racism, bigotry, cruelty, public shaming, doxing, insults, threats, overt intimidation.

Some things you should generally try to avoid: ad hominem attacks, arguments from intimidation, braggadocio, flamewars, yelling in text (all caps).

Your posture should be to assume goodwill and good intentions by others. Give others the benefit of the doubt. The saying goes that we judge others by their actions and judge ourselves by our intentions - try to consider the intentions of others before jumping to a negative conclusion.

Are there rules for politics and religion in discussions?

In discussions with other editors, in comment threads, you should avoid ideological battles. Of particular emphasis, you should avoid political and religious arguments. They go nowhere, you are almost guaranteed to never change someone's mind on such topics. If you need to feel superior to someone else through ideological battery, go elsewhere, this is not the place for that.

Is offensive or profane language acceptable on Jittery?

Jittery does not pre-censor (screen) what editors post in comments. That said, when communicating with other editors, profanity should rarely be used. It's generally inappropriate and unnecessary in our discussion threads.

Editors that use large amounts of profanity in discussion threads will be warned to stop.

When creating or contributing to topics, offensive or profane language is sometimes warranted, although very rarely. Its use should be strictly tied to furthering the topic. You can read more about our topic editing policies in: Jittery guide: topic editing.

Who decides an outcome when there is a disagreement among editors?

Editing disputes are common on knowledge services. It's important to try to find common ground if possible.

If a dispute truly can't be resolved any other way, an E4 or E5 editor will decide. Editor rank does not always decide the outcome of a dispute. If you're disagreeing with a higher ranked editor, make your case calmly and be as reasonable as possible. Discussions are public, other editors will see the matter as well.

As an important note to this: we encourage editors to keep discussions and disagreements on the Jittery site, rather than taking them to email or similar. That way there is a record of the disagreement for all other editors to see. Such transparency is important and beneficial to the community.

Does a higher editor rank give you a license to be a jerk?

Obviously the answer to this is an emphatic no. I'm making a point to create this Q&A item so there's no confusion.

Possessing a higher editor rank does not give you the right to mistreat other lower ranked editors. Making that mistake, much less doing so less repeatedly, is a fast way to get downranked or otherwise banned.

In terms of respectfulness and helpfulness toward each other, Jittery strives for egalitarianism and a collegial spirit of cooperation.
Last edited July 14, 2020 13:30 UTC
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