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Jittery guide: editor hub

What is the editor hub?

The editor hub is a central location where editors can view most of the important activity that occurs across Jittery. That includes proposals (such as topic draft or new Q&A proposals), approved proposals, discussions (comments & discussion threads) and the site-wide activity log that shows various actions on the site.

Does all account activity show in the editor hub?

No, some activity is never shown.

Basic personal account activity does not get revealed in the hub section. For example, when you log in / log out or change your about text, we don't publish that activity or related date/time info. We never publish personal (non-contribution) activity, such as topics or discussions you look at or seaches you perform.

Certain topic activity is not published. Most draft topic changes are not shown. So when you add a Q&A to a topic draft, edit a Q&A, or change a draft topic's sort order, we don't publish that activity log.

Do all editors see the same information in the editor hub?

Yes. Regardless of editor rank everyone sees the same content in the editor hub. In most cases we believe transparency is a net positive for a community.

Can I view the editor hub without an account?

No, you must be signed in to your account to view content in the editor hub.
Last edited September 10, 2020 10:45 UTC
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